How do I break it off with him?

We've been talking for a little while but I've only spent time with him like 4 times. The 2nd time I saw him I told him I wasn't looking for anything serious. I want to be honest that I don't really think we have much in common and I dont think we click like we are supposed to... how do I break that to him?


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  • Tell him you would love to be friend but that you aren't looking to date right now. Men like it straight.

    • well I said i didn't want anything serious and I met someone who i clicked with!

    • Just tell him you think you two are better off as friends. If he asks why just say you don't think you are compatible romantically.


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  • Be honest, but not harsh. Just tell him that you don't feel like you see him as being more than a friend, that he's a nice guy... but you just don't click and don't want to waste either of your time.

  • just tell him the truth. just say i don't think we are a match sorry. he will get over it