Why have I been single for too long?

my last relationship only ended because we didn't talk very much.. i have been single for 3 months and i am usually okay with it but now i feel lonely.. I want a boyfriend.. i talk to guys all the time but they are always trying to hook up with someone else.. it was pretty weird... they use to want me. but they say that they still want me and they love me but dont think we should be a thing right now? and i just kind of feel lonely.. any advice?


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  • There is nothing wrong with being single. I prefer being single over being in relationships that turn into ex-relationships. I'd like to acquire as few exes in my life as possible (it makes driving around town less awkward).

    You're still young. My advice is to work on making yourself ready for adulthood and prepare yourself to be the best girlfriend candidate possible, so that when you're older nice guys will see you as a good catch. I'm afraid dating during highschool rarely profits anyone. In fact, you may have a better chance ending up with one of your highschool friends in the long-run if you wait to date until you're both more independent instead of giving it a try early on when you're many years away from being able to settle down.

    • i am as mature as i can be. if someone finds something funny i am usually not laughing because it was rude or making fun of someone. i get told i am funny, pretty, and very smart when it come to most things.. everyone in my was taken at one time but they ended because the advice i gave them. they said thanks your advice was amazing.. and i would wait till they ask me to find them a great guy to get with.. so i help everyone when i can and how i can

    • i agreed


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  • We all go through dry spells. It'll turn around for you. Focus on the freedom you have by being single

  • I've been lonely my entire life. It is something you learn to live with, but you're attractive, if you just ask out some (any) single guy you won't be lonely anymore.

  • Wait till you're 26 and single for a year, then come back and complain!


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