Guys, would it bother you if a girl is kind of timid and shy?

Like she is cute but she is really shy, fidgets and blushes and looks away when she's talking to you. This is pretty much me, people say that I am cute/ attractive but I look innocent and "cute" rather than sexy or hot. I also get pretty nervous around people I don't know, especially a cute guy or a guy who is flirting with me.

I feel like I am pretty much doomed because I'm so shy and awkward..


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  • nops we love such girls
    relax u r not doomed


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  • It all depends on the guy, really. Some guys want a partner that they can call an "equal" while other guys want a partner that they want to protect. It really does depend.

    A shy girl can also give off the impression that she's playing "hard to get". So guys might avoid this kind of girl just for their own safety.

    Good luck!

  • Personally I don't think their is nothing wrong with that, I think you sound pretty cute. Being shy doesn't mean anything, some people are too loud and obnoxious. Were all different in our own ways.

    • I feel like guys might find it cute in the beginning but then they want someone more normal

  • just remember that the guy can sometimes be as shy as you, even if he also won't admit it


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