This guy is so nice so why am I scared?

I met this really attractive good looking man online who is really nice, sweet, caring who wants a relationship, to get married and start a family. Everything I have always wanted. The problem is i have only ever dated and loved two men, both were against marriage or i would hear "maybe one day". They were abusive and would put me down. All i ever wanted them to do was love me, be nice and sweet. Care about me and want to be married and start a family, everything this man that im talking to now wants. How come i am scared? Part of me wants it but the other part of me thinks there has to be something he is hiding and that he can't be this nice guy that he seems to be. Maybe i don't think i deserve it because I've always settled? Maybe im so used to being hurt that anything else is unsettleing? Maybe I have never experienced true love? He makes me smile and laugh, feel so happy, and he said he can tell how genuine and amazing I am, he has even said he loves me the person that i am. he's never said he's in love with me but that he loves me. We have spoken for about two weeks but i do feel like I've known him for months. We have the same beliefs, values, goals in life and i don't know why i am scared to even let my guard down.


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  • You're afraid because you're emotionally attached to an unknown. Two weeks is nothing- no offense. You don't really know him and he doesn't know you... perhaps you'll argue you do but in my opinion that's like saying you know a famous musician because you listen to their music and have read their biography.

    • I know that two weeks is nothing im just referring to why i get scared when there's even a possibility of him being in my life

    • Because there is an equal possibility he won't be.


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  • Take your time, there's no need to be afraid of a subjective future. You have control, you can pull out if the need be.

    He sounds like a good guy so you could even mention how you feel to him. It's obviously related to past experiences, so there's no reason it would upset him if you said you felt apprehensive.

  • Maybe you don't think you deserve something good?


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