What can I do, I dont think she values me enough?

19th of November i asked her to be my gf, she said yes, but ever since she grew more quiet. more distant, Sunday we had an argument and i thought now its over. than last Wednesday i went to her place, in the beginning she didn't wanted me to kiss her, or touch her, well we ended up having amazing oral sex, and i promised her, i will give her the best sex ever, she says im good at it, and she likes it. we had sex before but she is recovering from a misscariage she had, i made her pregnant. but yesterday, she wrote its better we dont see each other again, etc.. she didn't kiss me anymore. today i went by and we kissed again, but still she says its better we dont see each other again. i really dont want to lose her, and i feel she has mixed feelings about it. she tells me she really likes me a lot, and i can't get her ouf of my head. i really like the intimacy we have , she is the best and i only want her. i dont think she values me enough, yes she has psyhocological problems, she can be mean, cold and very distant but she can also be very warm, and can be all over me. she is looking for help, and will talk to a psychothereapist, but she can't blame me for the stress. well what can i do to help her make the right decision, i dont think she values me enough. what can and should i do, lay low for a while but im afraid of completely losing her, any tips and your opinion

we have great sex, i enjoy it a lot, so does she, why can't we at least have that pleasure anymore,,, how can someone like something that much but dont want it anymore :(
i m really sad, i feel like just ending my life, im concidering it. i just really like her, and we had something great going on, she is actually taking the right steps, for herself, and i play a part in that


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  • Don't end your life over a girl. It's NEVER a reason to do so. Not even a good one. Your in a tough situation, I thought while I was reading this maybe the miscarriage is making her feel this way. But I continued the reason and it doesn't seem to be the reason why. She doesn't seem to care about you as much and she seems selfish and you have to chase her and please her. I would say move on.

    • well one moment ago, i was at work and i really needed some help, she came help me, after today quiting her job. we worked at the same place. she told me that she isn't my gf anymore but that she still likes me a lot. today we kissed shortly, and i really can't live without her.

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    • well she tells me she likes me a lot, but that we aren't together anymore. Wednesday we almost had sex again, next day she writes me we shouldn't see each other again, so i went to her place to talk, and i told her, let me talk, and just listen for once. than we just gave each other a small kiss, but she seemed not willingly. yesterday i saw her 40 minutes or so, and she was cheerfull. we danced a bit, and we kissed, than when ever i try to kiss her, she pulls away or just sits there. last weeks were stressfull for her, also for me, and she said us seeing each other is to stressfull, well im the reason she is improving on herself. she is looking for help, how can you like someone but not want that person around..

    • She is confused. Maybe keep trying and make her feel welcome. If it isn't working, or gets worse I would say move on. That's strange that she is acting that way. I would watch out though. It's a red flag


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  • Honestly I think it's best you start moving on. Why would you want to be with someone who doesn't value you? It's tough to accept but in time you'll see it's the best choice.

    • well i wish i knew were i went wrong, i can't recall ever treating her disrespectfull. she likes me a lot, she thinks im good at sex, she likes it but now just out of the blue, she seems serious about not willing to see me anymore. it hurts me because last Wednesday we had wonderfull sex , and she wanted more, and i promised her next week. and now she doesn't want it anymore.

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  • If sex is the main bond you have, I suggest you move on. If by some chance she meets another guy that performs better, it's bye bye for you.

    She plays with you, tugs you when she wants to and push you away when the need subsides. You let her do it once or twice and that is what you will ever be with her. She does not value you partly because you do not demand her to value you.

    • well sex , she was pregnant from me, and i think that is something Special. well i did notice, when im at her place, and she tells me to go, and i tell her fine ill go, she pulls back and starts making out with me. now she seems really reluctant , and barely kisses me. she says it puts a lot of stress on her, im gonna write her a letter, and tell her, listen is this what you want, im the best Thing that ever happened to you. and im thinking you are makig a mistake, we have a small communication Problem sometimes , she doesn't speak my language fluently. well i really like her, and many of the decissions she makes, put her on a lot of stress. for an instance she cheated on her bf, with me, i was dating her before so i dont mind that, things just happened. she was hiding the pregnancy from her own aunt and uncle, who were pretty pissed off. yesterday she didn't wanted to see me at all but i talked to her, and told her to listen to me for once. she calmed down, and listened

  • move on bro. she doesn't care about your feelings.

    • well pretty obviously she doesn't, sometimes she does but she says us seeing each other causes a lot of stress for her, i can't see how it causes stress for her. we have a lot of fun together. and how can having sex and just some fun be stressfull to her.

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    • well the part is, i just like being intimate with her, fine if she doesn't want me as her bf anymore, why can't we enjoy each others bodies than. we are both adults and we both enjoy it, whats her problem with that all of a sudden. last Wednesday, she let me do what ever i wanted and she enjoyed it big time, wanting more. next day im no more on the radar, and starts talking crap like, well there is to much stress in her life, etc,,... and that her aunt and uncle who really like me, said it was better we didn't meet anymore.

    • listen, no matter how good her pussy might be, do you want all that other bullshit attached to it? your mental health is important. this thing, relationship whatever you call it has no future. you know this is true.