Is it cheating to do this?

I got into a fight with another guy that was a lot bigger than me, and i started losing quite badly and obviously i didn't want to lose so i kicked him hard in the nuts... he went down like a rock and i walked away while he choked on the ground but now everyone is calling me a pussy? whats the big deal?


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  • Depends on the situation. If your (or someone else's) life is in danger, do what you have to do.

    If it's a situation in which the two of you are going to live to tell about it (though one of you may be licking wounds for some time), then I could see that some people might see that as a low blow (literally). If you hadn't done that, you might have come out of it with more respect, considering the size difference, even if you'd lost.

    A better thought for the future - unless you're pretty expert at fighting, getting into a fight with another guy who's a lot bigger than you might not be wise :) Of course, every situation is different.


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  • It depends on who started it at least in my opinion. If he started it, you had every right to do what you could to survive with as little damage as possible to yourself. If you started it, yeah, kinda messed up. Usually fights have unspoken rules about fairness and a sensitive spot like that is off limits.

    • why is it off limits though? if we know it is the place that will cause someone to drop and not get up then why not take advantage of it?

    • Because fighting even as primal and as stupid as it can be at times, is about honor. If you fight someone you are fighting them to settle something. A kick to the groin though basically an insta drop is unfair. Not only that, it shows others that by you doing a groin kick that you can't win unless you resort to well a low blow. It makes you look weak.

    • yeah i see what you are saying but when you say "it shows others that by you doing a groin kick that you can't win unless you resort to well a low blow" i said in my details that i started losing badly so yes i did need to resort to that... do you think i should have let him keep beating me up? i bet if a guy was hurting you badly the first thing ud do is hit him in the balls

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  • All is fair in love and war. You do whatever you need to do to win. why worry about what a loser says?
    However that being said, no intelligent human being should ever be in a fight at any age.

  • Sure you did.