How do you know if he is almost at those 3 little words?

so my bf went from telling me he liked me to he fucking likes me and he always talks futuristically about us, like "in 3 years from now, in 5 years from now..." Im just wondering if this is him feeling me out to see where I stand or if he is gonna say those 3 little words fairly soon? Im kind of nervous for those words, being I've literally said I love you to so many men, and I just don't think it holds that much relevance in regards to a stable relationship, but I also don't know how to tell him not to fall in love with me, or not to say those words without him being relatively awkward or just thinking Im not into him... we kind of had a talk, and I told him about my pov on love and he was like, so you don't see us going anywhere... I just don't know


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  • Seems like you guys already had the reality check conversation. If he was about to say them, things will probably go downhill from now. Pretty disheartening to hear the person you love say 'I don't know' when asking about the future.

  • Give it time, don't expect it, don't rush it, he will say it if you are the right one


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