Girls, would you ever ask a guy you used to work with for his number if you just wanted to be friends? (read details please)?

So at work today a former coworker came into work today. She's very cute and although i wasn't really interested when i was working with her, i think i am now.

Anyways she was just shopping when i went up to ask her why she quit since i never knew why, She told me she wanted to do something more related to her major and manage to get this job about a week after she quit. so then i asked her if they happened to be looking for anybody, and she just said i could try and gave me all the info for where she works.

After that she was finished shopping.. or so i thought until i came back in to ring her up again and just before she left she asked me for my phone number... i was a little taken aback like 'why would she want my number? lol' but i just said 'ok' and wrote it down for her, said our goodbyes and she left...

So uhhh do you think she may be interested? or do you think this was just a friend thing?

i do kinda get those 'i like you' vibes from her some how.

I should add she's typically a shy, quiet type of person, so her asking for my number seemed really forward and almost out of character to me l


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  • It's really not something I could say for sure. The best approach would be to just ask her. That way you don't torture yourself with the endless hours of "does she like me or doesn't she?" Just ask her if she'd like to go out to dinner sometime. She could be giving the number for the job, or to keep in touch as friends, or because she is interested. I lean more towards she's interested, but you can never be sure. So just ask and hope for the best. If she declines, no harm done! :)

    • Yeah her asking for my number just kinda shocked me a bit... well im going to check out this job prospect.. which sounds promising by the way, and if i happen to see her there i may just go for it hee hee :)


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  • If she made a second trip back, on black Friday non the less, I'd say there's a very good chance she's interested!
    You two should definitely go out and see if there's chemistry! 😀

  • She could be interested in you. I have asked for a guys number just because I wanted to be friends with them and not because I was interested in them some other way. I agree with @misupanda about why she might have asked for your number. If you get those vibes that she might like you, then run with it and ask her out.

    • Would you describe yourself as a shy person? cause thats how her personality is... so this is one reason why it caught me off guard haha

  • I would see it as friendship type. It is normal to exchange numbers especially if both are coworkers or were coworkers or even in school.

  • Well... How did it go?

  • I think she could be flirting with you. It's a possibility. But she could just be giving you her number to talk about that job


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