Is dating a friend a good or a bad thing? Or rather, am I doing this right?

I've known my guy friend for about a year in high school, but I moved and of course changed schools. When I saw him one last time after I had changed schools, he said he was going to ask me out. We recently found each other attending the same college and we became good friends again, and well he started flirting with me *sort of* and we have done stuff like kissing, cuddling, and hugging, but nothing beyond that. His friends, now my friends too, think that we are dating but I honestly don't know what to tell them instead, he hasn't said anything and I don't feel uncomfortable toward his actions. I actually like him, and I am not sure whether he likes back, and I have been wanting to ask him but, at this point, what else can he say other than yes?


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  • Your partner is supposed to be your best friend. Anything other than "yes" is "no" in his mind. That could kill a friendship. Staying friends when you want more is a farce.

    -Wait, you kissed him but you don't consider that "dating"? You have severe psychological problems.


What Girls Said 1

  • I think you should go for it! But I think you should also keep in mind your friendship.