Guys tht r heavy (extra pounds)... Are you attracted to very skinny girls? Why or why not?

I actually like guys that have extra pounds 2 them, I think they more attractive than thin guys! I'd rather a guy b a little fat than b very skinny! I'm actually really attracted 2 guys that hav more weight on them! I just wonder if they would b attracted 2 me since I'm very skinny, or do they prefer heavy girls? To be exact... I'm 5'9 and I weigh 97lbs!!! Guys with extra pounds... would u b attracted 2 a girl thts very skinny?


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  • Haha, finally other skinny girl that likes fat boys. Bone against bone is not comfortable :< we have to balance each other out. My boyfriend said no heavy girls, because he likes to lift during sex.


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