Should I take this as a compliment or not?

I've been seeing this one guy for a few weeks now. He recently said to me that he feels 'good' when talking to me. He also said that I was a good listener. (he's had a few bad break ups in the past e. g. cheated on)

Would you consider being a good listener a good quality? And would you consider this to be a compliment?


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  • This is a very nice conpliment! He's starting to feel close to you. Something could come from this with time. However, realize this compliment is about something you do for him too. If he compliments you more on things that are unrelated to him and his troubles he is defiantely starting to have feelings for you! Oh and yes, being a good listener is a wonderful trait! It will attract people to feeling open with you.


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  • Yes it's definitely a compliment. Most people like someone who is willing to listen to them because it makes them feel more understood. Also if he says that he feels good when he's talking to you, that's great, you probably make him pretty happy. :)

  • Yes, it's a good quality; when you listen to someone, it shows that you actually care.
    I would consider it a compliment.