When do you try to meetup when talking to someone online?

It seems that whenever I suggest meeting up with a girl, she either ignores the question or I never hear from her after that. Now I used to kind of jump the gun on this, but at the same time I've talked to girls for 3 weeks before mentioning it and the same thing happens! What do you think?


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  • do they see your pictures? do you look like a serial killer?

    • Yeah they see them and no I hope not. haha I dress nice in my pics. If they think I look like a serial killer then why the fuck are they talking to me?

    • lol I don't know but that happens though. a guy can be cool enough to talk to but too scary to meet.


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  • I believe you can't beat around it. When it comes to meeting someone online you should get to know them slightly then meet up soon in a public place. Reasons are that you won't form emotional attachment and you won't waste time if they end up flaking or aren't who they say they are.

  • It'd be awhile before I'd consider meeting someone from the Internet. Several months at least. It's been discussed but never materialized.