Have you guys ever dealt with a flake like this before?

Why would somebody call me to apologize for constantly postponing our date, but do it again and not even have the decency to to call in advance or reply back.

She does not owe me a date, but is it too much to ask for some decency? Why would you call and set up a date that you are not even going to show up to?


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  • She isn't all in, she doesn't like you enough to show some respect. And you may be putting up with the disrespectful behaviour, so she'll never learn.


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  • Cancel on that hoe next time then don't pick up her calls.. if she keeps on treating you like a second option then forget her.

  • She might not know how to tell you she doesn't want to go on a date?

    • Well she could have said no instead of putting through a week long goose chase.

    • Yeah, I mean that is the right thing to do but sometimes girls do that because they think the guy got the idea

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