Difference between seeing someone and dating someone?

I never get what's the difference? Which one is more serious? Seeing or dating? I've always thought seeing is getting to know ONE person better to see if you want to be with that person officially, while dating is going on dates with a few people at the same time, trying to get to know each other. Am i right or dead wrong?


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  • Adults sit down and define what they are doing, dating casually or exclusively. Dating or seeing someone is the same it's unattached uncommitted seeing where things go, moment by moment, day by day, week by week. If he wants commitment He'll ask you to be his GF. If you want commitment ask him to be your BF. Friends usually get to know each other, so from here on out you are friends till either of you or both of you decide otherwise.

  • Ah, relationship terms... If you go by the urban dictionary, "seeing someone" is the phrase to define the uncommitted relationship and "dating" is the committed one. But, if you are trying to figure out where you stand in your own relationship it's best just to talk about it with your partner.


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