Second date? Who asks? Do guys like to be the ones who ask?

We had a first sort of date. He was with me and my friends so I guess it really wasn't a first. He proposed it tho. So now I'm wondering, do I now ask if he wants to do something or do I wait for him to ask to do something again? Is it sort of a trade off, or should I wait for him to ask me to spend time with him? I'm really confused. Thanks for your help!


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  • I think the guy should be the second one to ask.

    • So I should wait?

    • Yes a couple of days. Have you and the guy talked since the first date? Like regular chit chat and getting to know each other?

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  • Well in my opinion these days it really doesn't matter who ask who out... I mean if you are feeling him like I think u are then my advice is to go for it... it doesn't hurt to try... just my opinion tho