Can a simple kiss on the lips just be a friendly thing or does it always mean more?

Can a kiss on the lips be just a friendly thing?
I really like this girl I've been seeing. Weve been dating for about a month now and we seem to get along great. We haven't properly kissed yet all weve done is some cuddling whilst watching a movie or something. I went and babysat with her last night but we didn't do any of that this time, just talked for ages and seemed to talk about more personal stuff than before. I was worried after this that I might have been friendzoned slightly because we didn't do any of our usual cuddling and stuff. Then when she said goodbye i signalled for a hug, she giggled and gave me a short peck on the lips, then left. I know she's been lead on a lot before so she may just be taking things very slowly. Would she have kissed me like this if she just wanted friendship?


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  • Umm, you're babysitting? I don't think it would be professional to be doing any of those things and you shouldn't have expected her to do those things while babysitting. Can't you keep it in your pants until afterwards? Also, obviously she likes you and it wasn't friendly if you guys have BEEN DATING. Ugh, boys...


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  • I know that a peck on the lips to me means a lot, but maybe you should ask her, ask her if she really llikes you. Or go on a date with her and see if she kisses you again. Girls are confusing so yeah.

  • No a kiss on the lip is intimate. Think about it? You wouldn't kiss your ma or cousins on the lips.. I say just take it slow and see how it goes.


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