Shy around me or just not interested?

I've been seeing a girl for a couple of months now and I can't figure out whether she is just really shy or not really interested.

if I go to hold her hand she will be ok but it feels like she's finding it abit awkward, but she never moves away, after a while she will tend to get abit closer to me, if we go out somewhere and it doesn't involve alcohol she doesn't give me a kiss goodbye, she jumps out the car before i can, anything intimate i have to push myself a little too far to get a response, its always a positive one but then I dont feel comfortable. Sex wise its not awkward,

she doesn't talk about anything personal, whenever I talk about it its a very one sided conversation and it tends to stop very quickly,

she told me she has never been In a serious relationship so I put some of the ways she acts down to inexperiance, i put this relationship down as not serious but the other day she put it on Facebook that were in a relationship, i was totally shocked, I've came out of a serious relationship this year and i know no relationship in the same but I dont know if im expecting too much too quickly, what do you think? Thanks


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  • She is just shy and give her a try. Some people some person just fear to tell about themselves. Be patient and nice to her.


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  • I don't know Dude I think she really feels awkward because she doesn't know what to do and what's acceptable... In this case you can talk to her or either take the extra effort to be more demanding and alittle controlling... I kind of see that as the only way to take things further... Like when she gets out the car quickly ask her where she's going and tell her to give you a kiss.. If you guys are having sex you shouldn't be afraid to embrace her and let her know some things are ok


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  • Probably disinterested.