Is being old fashioned a thing in the past?

ok so im super old fashioned and when i meet a guy i expect them to take me on dates etc. i don't do the casual sex thing cuz i just get attached right away so i avoid it.
but where i live it seems like guys just want to start out with come over lets watch a movie lets have casual sex and see where it goes. and i tell them straight up no you need to take me on a date first. and they think I'm high maintanace for asking. so I'm having a hard time finding a bf. but i can't get past my morals of just casual sex. i feel cheap. what do you think guys should i just go with it and be more relaxed or stick to my guns? because it just seems like ill be alone forever if i keep waiting for a gentleman, they just don't exist where i live


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  • Stick to your guns! The right person will take you out on a date without you having to ask.


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  • Being old fashioned is awesome... Just got back from a date with a girl: I bought her flowers, opened the car door and all that stuff (though, now that i think about it, i forgot to pull the chair out for her :/... oh well, i'll remember for next time). It's awesome, I love doing it, so you there is no such thing as "old fashioned being a thing of the past". I do it because i love the smile she gives when i do :)

    Only reason guys tend to go straight into things like sex, is because they're impatient, just looking to get their dicks wet and because of the stresses social media and movies, etc put out when it comes to relationships. Also, they don't know how to be chivalrous today... BECAUSE of media.

  • Stick to your guns.

    I'm a guy & I wanna build a relationship with a girl before anything sexual. I don't put a time limit on how long to wait, but I wanna have some type of non sexual connection before having sex.

    & I'm sure there are guys out there beside me who are willing to be patient, & build something more than casual sex.

    • I've been single for almost 2 years tho i just feel like ill never date if i stick to my guns. but at the same time I'm scared if i go with it ill just get used and left hurt

    • I'm sure it's hard. I'm sure you miss just having a connection with someone whether it's sexual or not.

      I do think you shouldn't sacrifice what you want in a relationship. You want what you want & I personally agree with it.

    • ok thank you.

  • Straight up, I would rather go out on a hundred dates with a girl I like before it came anywhere close to sex, because if I am going out with someone, I want to abhor their company for more than just the time in bed.

    So no, you are not high maintenance, and the guys around you are idiots.

    Being "old fashioned" is not in the past, but in the younger generation nowadays, it's just hard to find. Be it that I myself am only 23, nor have had been in a relationship (not exaggerating) but I would truly rather go out on multiple dates before hitting the hay, to for sure make sure she is the one worth wooing.

    • hmm.. you seem so mature in comparison to some guys that i met who are way older than you. i guess its not always about age and how u where raised

    • I appreciate the comment. And it does have some part with upbringing, but the rest is just personal aspect and own raisings. But again, thank you for the compliment.

  • Never, ever compromise yourself to fit in with what seems normal or common. It sounds like you have time-proven idea of what works and what doesn't; I, myself, pay for dates and have no interest in sexual relations until such time as it becomes appropriate, such as if we actually marry and can give ourselves to each other fully and with no reservations.

  • "Old Fashion" + "Thing of the Past" = cutest question today. Bless your heart.

    Anyway, what you seek may not be available where you are. That is possible.

    • so just go with the movie crap at his house? i mean obviously its not a movie i know what there emplying……... ugh this sucks.

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    • ok ill just stick to my guns then. thank you

    • Of course. May you get what you seek.

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  • Exactly what i am going through, just came back from a date and all this guy spoke about was my ass and sex ! Good God !!! What happened to the normal life where people know each other before sex? I feel i will end up alone because it seems like if you say no to sex you are not getting a text or a call afterwards and definitely no second date,