Having NO luck with online dating sites lately?

So I've tried online dating before & it went really well.. I actually met my last boyfriend on OkC (we dated 1.5 years but broke up for unrelated reasons). I decided to give it another try since I'm not meeting anyone in "real life", but it's been a total disaster. I've met up w/5 different guys in the span of 4 months, and only 1 out of 5 was relatively normal (the rest I got the hell outta there after 1-2 dates)

One guy lied about his age by about a decade, another guy said he doesn't "do relationships", only friends with benefits, another was bipolar, and the last one was a total jerk, he insulted almost everything about me the moment we met -_-. I'm SO frustrated.. I try to filter out the crazies as best as I can through messaging first and careful reading of their profile/pics, but apparently it's not working. Should I just give up on online dating?


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  • Online dating is kinda complicated. You have to try to trust people who could be straight up liars and there are so many weird people out there that it just ruins it. I've been trying it too for the past 6 months and to get a reply out of 30 messages is an amazing feat. Haha, its just hard and I don't blame girls for not trusting the guys on a dating site :/

    I do wish you luck tho :)


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  • tinder seems promising

  • no luck here as well... :/


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