When completely in love with someone can there be a limit on what you do for them?

When in love people do anything for them but some people have there limits and when in love do they have those limits?


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  • Generally there are very few limits when one is in love. A few months ago a friend told me about how she took care of her sick boyfriend after he got food poisoning - it wasn't pretty. He was throwing up left and right and actually soiled their bed one night because he couldn't make it to the toilet on time. Instead of yelling at him in disgust for ruining their sheets, she helped him to the bathroom and then cleaned the sheets herself. Kinda TMI, I know, but that's what happens when you love someone. You'd do anything for them, especially when they're sick or feeling bad.

    Killing or seriously harming someone (or committing any unforgivable crime) on my boyfriend's behalf would be where I would draw the line, but that's not to say I wouldn't seriously consider going through with it just to make him happy.


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  • love has no limits.


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  • If you are truly in love with someone, and they are in love with you, there won't be any intentional games and limits tested. Because when you love someone you do not want to hurt them.

  • About the only limit should be doing something for them that you think would hurt them or others or you (if it isn't to like save their life).
    Of course, that'd just this teenagers opinion.