How to not get choked up when talking to girls?

Im a highschool sophomore and lot of times I try talking to girls that I like but then, I sometimes get choked up as were talking and I sometimes say something stupid. How can I fix this problem because I get really annoyed with myself afterwards.


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  • The reason you get choked up is because you have a hidden agenda in your mind about sex and that makes you nervous, because you are trying to hard to impress us.
    Do you notice that girls you aren't attracted to are easy to talk to? That's because you treat them like guys, you don't have the hidden sexual interest.
    So the best way to talk to a pretty girl is to treat her like you would a guy or a girl you aren't interested in. We are just regular people when you treat us like one.

    Maybe try picturing her with a harry butt or nasty genital warts or something that will bring her out of the hot zone and into normal zone.


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  • Noooo girls like when you trip up a bit. Trust me it makes us more comfortable.


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  • After you say something stupid, force yourself to say something else, stupid or not, then say something else, then something else again...

    Eventually what you're saying won't be stupid and somewhere throughout the process you'll overcome your fear of judgement. The idea that you could say something stupid won't even enter into your mind. You'll speak comfortably and naturally- which is ideal.