How to not catch feelings?

I'm a Sophomore in college and find myself falling for girls to easy. Sometimes I'm just infatuated with them for a week or so after hooking up with them, but other times are like now. I am sexually involved with a girl who first mentioned to be exclusive if we wanted to continue hooking up. Fast forward 2 months and I find out she's playing me and is hooking up with other guys. I have pretty much forgiven her and we are just back to hooking up, but I want to be able to not get feelings for these girls so quick. SO my question is this:
Guys, when you first start to hook up with a girl, how do you stop yourself from letting it go any further.
Girls, what is it that you think guys should do to maintain that sort of relationship.


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  • Tell yourself not to get attached


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  • No sex or ur fucked. Ur story was too long to read I hope its not too late

  • 1) don't make the hook up daily.

    2) don't talk about feelings or something relevant to that.

    3) don't make eye contact

    4) avoid looking at her after the hook ups

    I didn't really understand what you were asking, i hope this helps though.


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  • Is that what you really want?

    Or maybe you just want to, you know, find someone who wants to love you back. And if it doesn't work out, you dump her and move on.

    • I guess I can probably answer your question as well.

      Don't be exclusive. And that doesn't mean 'pretend you're casual when really you're not'.

      It means actually be having sex with multiple girls.

  • Well I've never hooked up with anyone, but I do have a problem falling for almost any cute girl. My advice: make your brain go into player mode. That means that you check her out, but no emotional attachments. As soon as you feel you start to like her, focus on another girl.