At what age is suitable for your parents to not get involved in your relationships?

What I mean is, is there a specific age to where your parents shouldn't care who you hangout or go on a date with?
Are they just being over protective?
Are they trying to prevent me from making mistakes that would affect me later on in life?


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  • Never.

    Typically, as you start to become less dependent on their wealth and more independent with your own income and assets, they ought to treat you less like a child and more like an adult friend, but still an adult friend they may wish the best for. The wisest parents set boundaries with their children as they become more independent, but even if they know better than to overstep those boundaries, they never stop caring.

    And yes, every parent wants to prevent their kids from making mistakes, but only the best ones can guide us without provoking us to do the opposite. Lucky for me, my parents are freaking awesome. Yeah.


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  • Its all about you to your parents if you are a only child they want you to make them have a good family legacy and for you to be happy and have grandchildren they just want the best for you


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  • My mom stays out of it. I don't think she'd get in my business unless I had a bf who was kicking my ass or something.

  • When you no longer live in their house.
    If you can't live on your own, you are no mature enough to make adult decisions reasonably.