What do o do I need help?

Ok I don't know what to do or how to react to my best friend keeps flirting with me and she likes me but she's got a bf but the problem is i like her too.


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  • tell her to quit playing with your emotions she needs to chose who is more important to her. but dont rush her to pick she will need time

    • I already know the answer to that question but the only thing is stopping us from dating is that we dont live in the same state anymore cause she moved away two years ago i live in illinois and she live in iowa do its not like i can just drive over to see her cause its a 8 1/2 hour trip there. So thats mainly the only reaon stopping us is distnace but i plan on moving back there after high skool. Which this summer.

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    • aww thats really sweet, but dont waste your romantic feelings on someone who won't appreaciate them when there could be another girl who will love you back the same way you love her, but before you make any decisions hae a deep convo with her and let her know how much you care for her

    • I already have.


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  • DO NOT LET HER STRING YOU ALONG! She can't have both, she has to choose before either relationship goes any further. Don't believe her if she keeps telling you she'll leave him because she won't if she hasn't already. Stay away from her until she makes a choice. Also keep in mind, she left her boyfriend for another guy. She could always do the same to you. Don't let yourself get hurt. Make her choose asap, don't let it wait out. She'll need time but not too much.

    • Well she said shed live her bf if i move out where she lives. Well you see she moved teo years ago to iowa so i haven't seen here since and i live in illinois so its not easy to go see her since its a 8 1/2 hour drive to her house from mine so yeah. Its not like she could leave her bf and be with me cause we dont live by eachother anymore. It sucks. 😭😭😫😫😫😫

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    • Well she's not the one who asked me to move out there i want to move by here and no she doesn't get back with her exs ever. And she doesn't really want to be in the current realtionshio she is in now cause her bf is always yelling at her and treating her like shit.

    • You just said that she said she'd leave her boyfriend if you moved closer to her. If she didn't want to be with her current boyfriend, she wouldn't be with him. No one is forcing her to stay with him, she's choosing to stay. If he's treating her like shit, then she's not very bright. It sounds awful, but some women like the abuse. Not in a way where they seek it but in a way that they choose to continue to be victims. She wants to play the damsel in distress. Like I've said before, there's always the chance she'll leave you for someone else if you give her the chance.

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  • Stay away unless you want to feel jealousy/hate/anger balled up into a fist. You should know first hand what a male's anger really is. Violence.

    If she's into you instead of her boyfriend then she should break up with him and hook up with you, its only right.

    Why would you want a girl like this anyways? She could leave you for another guy just like what you're doing right now. She would do it again I ASSUME*. But that's my 2 cents/Grain of salt.