Could he be cheating on me?

My bf and I have been dating for a little over a year. We don't have sex as much anymore because he's not in the mood or just tired. Lately he has just been being mean to me. He let's me check his phone whenever which makes me think he isn't cheating. Also he Is not as loving anymore. Could he maybe be interested in someone else or cheating on me? We live together so we are with eachother every night.


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  • With being as wise as I am, and with it not having to be etched in stone here, dear, with his problem child pattern of behaving the way he does, you both sharing a nest under the same roof, it's Obvious he is in what I call A----------Romance Rut.
    With this I simply mean, you have been two birds of a feather who have stuck together for 'A little over a year,' and it's starting to get him antsy, not in the mood for sex, and You not feeling that 'He is not as loving anymore.' These are sure signs that something is not koshore in Denmark and that your own relationship is going down a beaten path, leading to War of the Roses eventually... he may want out, not want to be hooked at the hip with you, may want to live alone or just be this free bird.
    No, I don't think he has the Raised Red flags of being a cheat sheet, but I do seee the serious signals of a guy who is Not happy in his haven. There is definitely Trouble in Paradise and if something is not talked out, done to compromise or even a decision is made here, this cozy couple set up Could fly south before Christmas.
    Sit him down and face him Down with what I have just told you. The writing is on the wall and will only get Bigger until you both run out of space.
    Good luck. xx

    • I just saw below that he is avoiding the inevitable... this means he is intimidated to probably admit the truth and doesn't maybe know really how to handle this feeling or where to go should he want to leave... you need to get to the bottom of it or give one another a break to think it over, at least on his part... xx

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    • I don't help pay for any of the bills or rent. I just buy the groceries :) ha.

    • lol... Okay, but still, it's anest that you both have created and now it is a hard decision.. example: Let us say our parents are getting old and we know they need to leave their home to go to a nursing home... they do not want to go, but know it is best but it is a hard decision to leave the cozy nest and maybe go somewhere else that will be strange for them. xx


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  • He could be cheating. He could be stressed about something not related to you. He could be getting done with the relationship

  • I am not going to check for other causes. He isn't cheating though.


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  • Your relationship is losing its spark, not because you both have been together for a while but because you aren't communicating the way that you should.
    I suggest having a talk with him and letting him know how you feel.
    Try not to argue with him and do not raise your voice.
    just speak in a calm and civil manner.
    Do the things you used to do when you first got together so you can feel the spark again.
    Go out on dates.
    Dress up for him.
    Let him appreciate you.

    • To answer your initial question, I don't think he's cheating. Just getting tired of the relationship

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    • Well, perhaps he needs a wake up call.
      Approach him differently about the topic.
      By all means, tell him your relationship is on the rocks and if he doesn't listen up loud and clear there is nothing you can do to save it. Tell him you want to make this work but you need his help. He has to listen !

      If he doesn't then your relationship is doomed.

    • I've told him if things don't change I will break up with him. But he always says I need to grow up and trust him. Which he has to change a few things before that happens. Something he never understands.

  • I don't think he's cheating but he could possibly have lost feelings for you. The best thing you can do is confront him about it.

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