Lazy and not willing to date?

What does "hang out" mean to guys? This guy recently asked me to hang out, and the first thing I thought was "he just wants to have sex with me" I'm... Show More

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  • O well, you're exactly right, see when we say 'hang out" it realyl means "hey even though I might not know you all that well I still would like to take you home with me and make sure the following days you can't stop having bad bad thoughts about me" umm that was a joke, if a guy says he wants to hang out, it means just that, no need to over think these things, guys are just a different gendder, not a whole different race, we aren't really from Mars, and we don't really only just think about sex.

    If he only seems interested in having sex with you, then just don't assoiciate with him. Some of us guys really do just have male AND female friends that we have absolutely no sexual thoughts about, they are just cool/fun to hang out with (no sex involved).

    Maybe you should hang out with him in public places a couple times and or go on some dates, then if you decide that he really does just want to have sex with him, get ride of him and find a REAL boyfriend that will treat you right and or some good guy friends.

    Hope this answer helps and best of luck to you.