Cheap romantic dinner ideas?

I told my man I would make dinner for us, before I checked my bank account and realized it was kinda low. I can't eat anything with dairy and he eats anything. So what are some really good cheap ideas for a romantic dinner in?

Just to make sure, I am cooking but my kitchen is kinda bare and I need to buy the ingredients.
Looking to spend $10-15 dollars


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  • Some pasta (like spaghetti, or maybe those fresh tortellini).
    Some sauce (your choice)
    Some meat (chicken or meatballs? Might not be needed depending on what's in the tortellini)
    Some veggies (I like olives and mushrooms)
    Some lettuce, croutons and dressings to make a side Caesar Salad
    One of those bake it yourself baguettes.


    One roast it yourself chicken (you'll have some left over with a 1.5kg chicken)
    Some potatoes (normal or sweet, your choice)
    Some veggies (frozen or fresh, you'll have some left over - either mixed or peas are my suggestion)

    Chicken into roasting pan, start it going, chop the potatoes up, toss in some oil and salt/pepper, throw them in the pan around the chicken. Turn the potatoes every once in a while to stop them sticking to the pan, they're soaking up the chicken juice! Veggies need about 10-15 mins depending on what you've got, so make sure you have water boiling and ready.

    When the chicken is done, each person gets two slices of breast and a leg if they want, along with yummy roast potatoes and some nice steamy vegetables. After dinner, strip the chicken and put it in tupperware, you can make a stew/curry/sandwiches with it.


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  • How much do you have? 20 dollars? Good because Costco chicken (whole roasted chicken) is about 5 dollars. Then go to the dollar store and looks for canned veggies, it's a dollar and while you're there, pick up something carb like (rice or sweet potatoes) if y'all are more of a bread eater, head to a major grocery store and pick up a loaf, that's about 3-5 dollars. It's around 10 dollars (without tax!!!) and you'll have leftovers. If you have a asian/spanish market around you, just head there for veggies instead of the dollar store. When you go in the grocery store, there are booklets that'll tell you their sales and specials. Best of luck and enjoy!!! Oh yeah! Carbonara is always a quick and easy meal to whip up (if you need the recipe, just hit me up!)

    • I hear these Costco chickens are great, but the closest one is like 90 mind away so I will probably never have one. Sigh.

    • Well, Sams club, giant, Vons, trader joes, Safeway, food 4 less, or even smart and final has whole roasted chickens. But it'll be about 6-7 dollar and not 5-6 dollars. If not, carbonara is a good choice, can you get bacon, Italian noodles, egg, and cheese? It'll be around 15 dollars for all these ingredients

  • no dairy? hmm damn. you can bake some chicken and season it and then buy some quick mash potatoes and a side of veggies. that's pretty cost efficient.

  • Spaghetti Bolognese - Lady and the Tramp style.

  • I like thai food. Go to an Asian market and ask for Panag Curry, it comes in a little can. Red curry is good too. Get a can of coconut milk and some chicken breast. Slice the chicken into thin three inch slices. Add everything together and cook until the chicken is done. Put over rice and you have an amazing meal.


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