We kissed, whay should I do next?

Im 19 , she's 19, we are both studying the same thing in the universitiy, and we are in the same group, and have the same friends, we have been in 3 dates now, and on the 3rd she told she, she likes me, and after that we kissed, the thing is she also told me that she thinks im weird in school because i dont spend that much time with her, it is true that im not with her alone that much time, but it was becasue i though she wanted her space... the thing is now, after we kissed and shared our thoughts i dont know want it supposed to be my next move


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  • The next step is to come to the internet.


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  • Hang out with her more at school, take her on more dates, get to know her as a person. Thing is with us girls, we tell you that we want our space but secretly we want you to be persistant and show us you care.


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