I don't know anymore please help?

so I'm dating this guy but when I'm at his place he always wants to have sex with me OR he wants to finger me, but he is always cuddling and kissing, although I dont mind him cuddling and kissing, I just want him to slow down, I mean like we've had sex 3 times, once without protection but he pulled out before. you can guess. I really care about him, he is like the first real boyfriend I've EVER had, my other boyfriends were only dating me out of lust, my current boyfriend is always commenting on how I'm beautiful (even though there's LOTS of better looking girls around) he did have a friend with benefit but the thing is I dont know what to do to tell him to slow down


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  • He needs to respect how you feel. Maybe stop with the "date at home" stuff i. e. go places where that's not appropriate. If you know that stuff is going to happen, and you aren't comnfortable with it yet, then don't hang out in places where he does it.


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  • Tell him that he's moving so fast. Tell him that you care about him but want him to show his affection through other things other than sex and things related to sex. I don't want to be judgmental but from what you've written, it seems like you don't have confidence in yourself. You need to know what you are worth. Just because a guy says you're beautiful doesn't mean you're the only one he finds beautiful. Tell him what you want and if he doesn't at least try to show you that he cares without being sexual then you know the reason why he's with you.