GIRLS GIRLS GIRLS, why do I get very sad when I drink at night clubs? I also want to impress n dance n kiss the girls?

I like to go to night clubs, have some drink, dance a bit in the music I m familiar with, look around for girls ha ha. but as I drink I start to slack down n become moody, angry, when I see girls going to the guys n flirting n smiling at them n ugly guys going to the girls n trying to woo them n actually able to impress them n after sometime find them kissing in the corner. I m also good looking but I can not approach a girl. I don't know how, where n what to start the conversation from. girls come to me to dance with me but I lose them after sometime as someone who is a better dancer n a charmer comes n takes the girl away. what should I do? GIRLS PLEASE ADVISE ME.


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What Girls Said 1

  • First off, stop drinking whatever you're drinking. The reason you get sad is Prob Bc of the effect that type of alcohol has on you. Drink something else without that alcohol in it. Second off just talk to them! Don't be creepy and say "hey hunny wanna take this somewhere more exclusive" just tell a joke! The quickest way to a women's heart is directly through her laughter!


What Guys Said 1

  • that place is simply not for you. you do not belong there

    • why?

    • you can't approach girls. you can't start a conversation. work on yourself first. those guys you refer to as ugly but attract the ladies have and that is why they have such success. after that you can go back there