Should I give this guy a second chance? Got back with his ex gf after a misunderstanding but I keep thinking about him?

Long story short: met a guy last year, went on a few dates, but after a misunderstanding (cellphone didn't send/receive texts) he went back to his ex gf.
Now I kinda keep thinking about him, we were still in the process of getting to know eachother, he picked me up on dates, drove me back home, got me a rose with a sweet text.
But I don't know.

Extra info: we lost touch because I had an old cellphone and he didn't receive my texts or I didn't get his texts. So without even trying to call me, visit me, send me a message on Facebook or any kind of other effort, he just ditched me and got back with his ex. We matched on Tinder a while ago but since he didn't talk, I deleted the match.

I don't really know why but I kinda keep thinking about him lately and I don't know... should I look him up on Facebook and talk to him or should I be the smart one and stay away?

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  • he sounds immature. move on.


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  • Noone deserve second chance so stay away

  • stay away is the best move

  • He's a junk.


What Girls Said 2

  • So do you want a boyfriend who doesn't respect you. You are absolutely right! He could write you on Facebook, ask what happened etc. but he didn't. Seems like you don't mean a lot for him.

  • Stay away look for someone new if he really liked you he would find away to stay in contact