He said he needs time.. Is it the friendzone?

We go out twice a week. He asks me out everytime and its like a date in every way. Once in a while we hang out at my place and he's always cuddling and kissing me and behaves like a boyfriend. I asked him what he feels and he said he doesn't know and that its too soon to say anything (at two months). He said we should go with the flow.

Its been three months now and I feel like asking him again what he feels! What's going on? I didn't sleep with him. He texts everyday and we talk about everything. Whenever I'm feeling low he takes me out and makes me laugh. Does he really need time or is it the friend zone?


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  • Maybe committing to calling something a "relationship" is scary to him.

    But after 3 months of behaving like that, well, sounds like almost all of the bf/gf thing. I mean, it's clear he enjoys your company a fair bit, and he goes out of his way to spend time with you. And there's already physical intimacy.

    If you want a monogamous (formal) relationship, I think you can afford to bring it up again. But maybe don't start by asking him what he feels. Let him know what you feel and what you'd like. "I really liked you, etc, and I'd like to consider this a monogamous boyfriend/girlfriend relationship. How do you feel about that?" (Hold his hands while you talk to him :) ) That way he's not facing any rejection if he shows what he feels :p But start from knowing what you'd like yourself, I think.

    Be brave! Good luck :)


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  • its time you two had the 'Talk'
    i think he has a skeleton in his closest which u need to be aware of for this relationship to move forward


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  • It is hard to find the right answer. I took a year to understand myself that I like him. And one year without contact. And what happen right now it seems you are happy with it. So do like he said. But again understand that you and him are free to do things. Good luck