If relationship is a great thing, why I am feeling so nervous?

So, I have been seeing this guy for a half a year and I like him. He is intelligent, funny and good looking. But this is a long distance thing. Also, I had just one boyfriend before and it ended really quickly. Anyway, I feel tired of this relationship - like I am sort of traped. And every time when he comes over to see me (we live in the diffrent towns) I feel extremly nervous, almost anxious. That's not how a relationship supposed to feel like? And everyone I know thinks that I am ungrateful and selfish for not giving him more attention. My friends think that we should text and see each other more often and I am beggining to see that my boyfriend thinks the same. I just feel that there is something pulling me back. I don't know how to explain, I just know that I am confused.


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  • I treasure the means you comprehend my prospects prior to I voice them.


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  • its natural and happens to everyone
    take it slow and it will be fine

  • You may not want the same relationship he does. That's okay, but you should let him know and give him the chance to move on.

    People like different levels of attention in a relationship, and you two should probably talk about what you'd like. It may be that if his expectations are more in line with what you want, things will be smoother.


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