Would you let your boyfriend/girlfriend...

would you let your boyfriend or girlfriend hang out with their ex? pleeeeeease explain your answer. THANKS :)

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my answer is yes. because I don't want to be controlling and if I try to control him he's more likely to lie to me and I'd rather him just be honest. Also, I'm friends with many of my ex's so I'd let him be with his. even if it makes me insecure sometimes
PLEASE EXPLAIN YOUR ANSWER. people haven't explained why they chose yes/no. I'm curious as to why you think you feel that way / why you think you can tell them they can't / etc.


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  • i answered yes because as far as I'm concerned, I would never be in a relationship with a guy that I don't trust. and so as long as he keeps that trust and is honest, I will not have a problem with him hanging out with his ex. however, if he every gives me a legitimate reason NOT to trust him (legitimate meaning not just my own stupid paranoia) then it's sayonara boyfriend.

    the reason I'm like this is because one my best friends is my ex boyfriend and I respect that his girlfriend, whom he's had for 2 years, was never really comfortable with him staying in touch with me and us hanging out, BUT she's never gotten TOO bent out of shape and she's been pretty cool. I think she's finally starting to realize that my ex and I should never have dated because he and I are just TOO similar to one another and it was like I was dating my non-identical twin lol.

    so I think that you should let him hang out with his ex, but if you ever are given a reason to doubt his intentions with her, then you have every right to stand up and draw the line.

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      Awesome answer! :)

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      I typed my answer before reading this, and it's almost exactly what you said. So yeah, I agree!