Cheesy pet names after just a few weeks?

So I been dating/talking to this guy for just a few weeks and this morning when texting he decided to call me "princess"! I immediately texted back saying "ewwww that's so cheesy, don't call me that Lol, sorry am not a big fan of pet names, especaily princess lol". I just had to put a stop that right away because A. I'm not a fan and B. Its way to soon I feel. It makes me wonder how serious is he taking me? or is this just a pickup line he uses thinking that I was gonna be all "awwww how cute" in which I was the opposite. Well, did I do the right thing by saying something? Should I had said it a different way?


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  • Yes, he was testing to see how you react to cheesy names. It's good you responded right away. Otherwise, he would think you were an airhead and not to be taken seriously.

  • I don't care ine way or another. As long as they don't start saying "I love you" right after.


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