Why is this girl I'm dating suddenly moving back and saying we shouldn't have sex anymore but we should still date?

so There is this girl I've been dating around 3-4 weeks now and we originally met because we like the exact same specific types of electronic music and we went to some shows together and we ended up having sex after our second time meeting. I wanted to move things toward a relationship with this girl eventually and last weekend I asked her what we were exactly and if we were friends, dating, or in a relationship and she said we are still just dating and that we should date some more before we jump into anything which I thought was smart and I agreed with her. Well she just called me today and told me that she thinks that we shouldn't be having sex anymore even though she says she doesn't regret that we had sex before and that she enjoyed it. I asked her if she still wanted to hang out with me and go on dates and she said yes she was fine she just seemed against us hooking up and having sex anymore. Do you have any idea why her emotions have suddenly turned so harshly and she all of a sudden seems so conserved over the fact we have been having sex? Thanks


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  • Did you tell her that you wanna be in relationship with her? If you she doesn't misunderstand. It means she don't like you. If she wasn't sure, it means she feel guilty that she wasn't respect herself that much. It is just my idea.

    • I told her I would like to be in a relationship with her and she seemed confused and said we should keep dating and when she said we shouldn't have sex anymore I asked her if she still wants to date and she said yes so I don't know >_<

    • Well, give her sometime because she confused herself. So just hang out as she want. If you like her give her some space.


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  • I want to say she is testing whether your relationship is based on sex or meaningful interaction. But you should continue going out with this girls. Sounds like you're having a good time

  • wow, you have made a huge improvement with women compared to where you were before a few years ago, i remember the questions you asked yourself on here when you still were inexperienced, how did you take action or manage to fix, change all of this?