Nice ways to approach a girl?

The title explains itself. I'd like to know what are the nice ways to approach girls only to know the female opinion about it and also to get some new ideas :D


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  • Where and when is as important as how. Whatever you do, don't just go wandering up to random women on the street, or somewhere else where you might be perceived as threatening/annoying.

    Your best bet is when you are both doing the same thing. Asking for advice on something can be a good icebreaker. Genuine smiles go a long way.

    1) Never mention her appearance, good or bad. That's what pretty much every other guy does, and it often comes off as threatening or annoying. You can say something like "Those shoes are awesome!", but don't say "those pants make your legs look great".
    2) Never use pickup lines. Introduce yourself like a normal human, with something like "Hello!", "Nice to meet you, my name is X" .
    3) Confidence is everything. You're there to see if she's cool enough to date. Have standards for something besides appearance. The goal should be to be interesting enough that she wants to know more about you.
    4) Listen, and try to identify a common interest.


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  • Form a (friendly) smile on your face and start up a good conversation.

    Make a stupid but nice comment and wait to see if she heard.

    Do something for her if you see she's struggling with something.


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  • "Hello.", a starter.

  • approach her from behind :D