Friends with benefits watches me sleep, is this a bad sign?

I started a casual sex relationship with a good friend of mine a bit more than 2 months ago. We have been friends for about 7 years now. When we were 17 he said that he had feelings for me, but that was 5 years ago and he has told me multiple times over the years that he's over that. Although we only started the friends with benefits relationship a couple of months ago, we know each other very well so we trust each other and we're comfortable letting each other sleep over.

At least 6 times I have woken up and he is staring at me. When I open my eyes he just looks away. It doesn't really bother me, but is this a bad sign? I'm trying to justify it but I don't know why he would be looking at me like that unless he has feelings for me. Could this be a normal thing? Is this a sign that it will get messy? Should I end the -with-benefits part now?


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  • He has feelings for you. If you are not comfortable with it, just finish it. Because it is just torturing him this way.


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  • Eww. "Friends with benefits"? What has this world come to! Where's the love? Where have the classy women gone?

    • You have no right to judge me.

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    • Lack of self control? Yes, I like sex, so I initiated a sexual relationship with a friend. I have a very good grasp of the law, and I if you said that in person you could quite easily be convicted. Also, your deductions are rock solid... Lol.
      I bet you are one of those stupid Americans who believes that they know the law after watching a few episodes of Law and Order. You may not know this but they generally get the terminology quite wrong and things aren't always as they seem on television, I'd recommend picking up a book.

    • Yet, I didn't say it in person did I? And books get outdated so very quickly, I'd recommend using www. usa . gov/Topics/Reference-Shelf/Laws. shtml

  • well what else can u do when someone is sleeping next to you
    lol its his curiousity that leads him to that

  • Sounds like he loves u


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