Am I thinking too far ahead about what he wants?

We recently started seeing this guy. I'm 19 he's 25. We get on well, we have a laugh and were also already having sex. When were together we cuddle a lot, we kiss (a lot), we watch movies, we eat pizza.. However, we had a conversation about relationships and stuff just a random one and he was like guys don't want to settle down till there like 27 bla bla and
we haven't ever talked about what we are? Whether it's friends with benefits? Even though were sweet together... I don't know if he likes me or if this is just sex, I mean it probably is because we haven't been on a date we just chill at his.. Not sure if I'm playing with fire here? Help me


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  • Maybe you should ask where things are going? If he says it's just sex then you can move on.


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  • You are 19. Sorry but its just sex for him. Another notch in his belt. Sorry to tell you

  • Gurl you outta know better then that! Sleeping around with some guy you barely know. There's a word for that you know?


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