How long should I wait until I introduce my boy friend to my parents?

I've been talking to a guy for about 4 months now, but we are not actually dating yet. When we do start dating, how long should I wait until he meets my parents? I don't want to wait to long because we've already been talking for awhile. I also don't want him to meet my parents that soon because I have issues with my family. I'm also scared that he'll tell me he wants to meet them because I do not want him to know my family.


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  • Its not a necessity. My parents have only met a couple of my GF's because our families went to the same church. They've neeeever met the rest. The best time to Meet the 'Rents is when you are absolutely sure things are going strong... like engagement strong. You are under 18 now... even at 18 introducing him to your parents has a high chance of making them automatically hate him. don't make that mistake... wait. If he asks to, tell him exactly what i said.

  • You aren't even dating. Don't worry about that stuff. In fact, just stop worrying all together and enjoy life in the moment.


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