How does this text I sent to my bf come off?

You know sweet, I really want to respect you by giving you the space that you need when we are not together because I understand that you naturally enjoy being alone... or as you referred to yourself, a recluse. Sometimes though babe, especially weeks like this (a lot of things have been taring me down), I really benefit from hearing your voice... That is simply because you have the ability of turning my day around. Just being silent on the phone with you creates a calming peace... Talking to you for the last few months has been something I always looked forward to, whether text or talk. What I am asking is that you just acknowledge me from time to time because you don't really know what's on the other end of the line and I will continue to respect your space... please don't just read this and not respond. When I write things like this it takes thought and it is hard often times to say how one feels... Whether it's an I understand or whatever else you may be thinking ("you're crazy" is not allowed as a response lol)...

Alrighty then... Good night babe.

We are still presently dating and the relationship is good we just don't talk every single day of the week. I've had a rough few days and reached out with no response which is why I sent this...


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  • Bless, if he ignores you after this he either better have a great reason or he's a douch.

    • He is sleeping now. I hope he does...

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  • It's legit, but confusing a little and sounds like your breaking up with me or taking a "break".

    • No. He just likes space during the week and we don't talk a lot but this week so many things have been coming at me and I really just needed to have him to talk to but he isn't there... He does respond or call back all the time.

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    • Well no... He gets off work at two and then goes home or to the range... & I see his Facebook activity which just goes to show he is on his phone but just not responding. If I call you at 6 & you never call back. Or if I text you at noon and you never answer... I mean, im pretty sure there was down time some where in between... The only reason I got him to respond the other day is because after I called I texted him that my cat died in my arms...

      That was it. & he responded. But only exchange two texts.

      I just want a little bit of a connection again. Compromise

    • I think as a guy maybe he feels like you said you wanted time so heirs giving you time. Not exactly sure with this one lol

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  • sounds pretty legit and raw to me! good for you girl!!

  • Desperate.

    • Desperate for what reasons?

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    • That's what I was thinking... @thatonegirl213 thank you for reiterating it

    • @ThatOneGirl213