Just wondering what I may be doing wrong?

This is a little embarrassing to admit, but here goes. I am 34 years old and I am still single. I have been single for 7 years... I was in a longer term relationship for over 5 years that ended very suddenly, which is not something I bring up. I I have dated a few people in the last while, but it never went anywhere - and it would be him that was the one that ended it. I have a very good job that I love, lots of friends, I'm a marathoner, traveller, appreciate good food and wine and conversations. I go to the gym, hike, take good care of myself and try to do these things with the guy I am with. I have been told before I am good in bed. I think I am generally attractive, but my style is casual. Just don't know how to meet someone. I worry I am starting to think about this too often. Thoughts guys? Is there anything glaring I don't have or do that is sending them screaming for the hills?


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  • You should not worry about being single. After "not worrying", you'll be able to think about what went wrong, no worries. I agree it's all in the head, but I don't think you should stop thinking about it. To think about the problems is the first step to achieve the solution, just like physics or everything else. I suppose you didn't find the right guy yet or if you found, you didn't notice. I think you're a nice and conscient person, so I'm sure that you'll find him, don't be worried at all. Go for the hunt, casual style is great, just be yourself and I'm sure someone will notice you as "more than a friend". Take it easy and be yourself! ;)


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  • I don't get paid to say this yet Emily McKay with X&Y communications can point you in a positive direction, she's amazing with helping women and their dating dilemmas.

    Here's her email shoot her a note. emily@clickwithhim. com

  • You sound pretty cool to me. All I can think of is you might have too many male friends and give them too much of your time while your love interest is around.

    • I do have a lot of guy friends... that's an excellent point, thanks!

  • Im the guy version of you. I just joined a pick up artist group to see what the hell is wrong with me.

    • @Scrambled check out Scott McKay over at X&Y communications, it will serve you better than a pick up artist group. Nothing is wrong with you, by the way. It's all in your head and that's how it's going to get solved, same way it started, with thoughts.

    • I don't know... pick up artists seem more like an adventure. I think I am also looking for drinking buddies to cry about what losers we are ha ha. Will check it out man, thanks.

    • No problem, you'll find the community full of empty promises. If all you want is to score maybe 1 out of 100 approaches, be my guest. Using a wing man or wing girl works well, just don't forget to return the favor.

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