Never had a girlfriend and I'm 25?

Is it common not to have dated someone at 25? Im finding it hard to get a date. Do girls like going on dates? If you've got any advice on how i can improve my chances let me now. Also do girls find it fun going on a date doing fun things rather than the normal dinner and a movie?


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  • Don't worry about it too much... I'm 24, educated and attractive but never had a boyfriend lol


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  • Don't take your date to a movie, especially when you are trying to get to know her better. Yes, most women prefer fun things rather than sit quietly for to 2+ hours watching. Best is taking them to places like an amusement, zoo, a park, beach, or places that both can exchange words to get to know each other better. As for being 25, it's not unheard of some prefers to be single to focus on themselves than involve someone else in their life. Sometimes those people find it difficult to share their life with others or whatever their reasons may be.

  • It is not abnormal for some people, mainly the physically unattractive ones. I am 18 and I have never once been on a date because I am Ugly. Nothing $15,000 of plastic surgery can't fix though