How to ask crush to meet for lunch?

It's this guy I like and I know that he likes me. I want to meet up with him for lunch but I don't know how to ask. I also see him every now and then because I don't have any classes with him. So I wanted to know how do I ask him to meet me for lunch since I have no classes with him? I also wanted to know what to say to him?


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  • Go to him at lunch or recess and ask him if he wants to hang out?


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  • Start off and say lets eat something at BK during school lunch break unless they no longer allow you to leave school for lunch so then just eat with him at school lunch and soon after meet on a sat for a real lunch date.

  • if you are interested, just make plans for date. just tell him straight, let's go for date this restaurant at this time and day. if you don't mention the date, he might friend zone you.


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