Why does guys think it is worse when a girl cheats?

My personal opinion is cheating is cheating, whether it was premeditated or not. What I do not understand is why it is considered to be worse when a girl does it? I mean, if a guy cheats it hurts the girl just as much as when the girl cheats on a guy. Please share you opinion on whether you agree that it is worse when a girl cheats or not.


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  • Look up "purity myth" and it will answer a lot of your questions in regards double standards pertained to women.

    You will find that society will say that if a woman does something, it's a lot worse compared to a man. Take smoking, for example. Smoking is bad regardless of gender, yet a smoker female is often viewed as tacky and many will try to attribute it to childbearing, yet the talking down is done on childless women (if she was pregnant and smoking, then obviously the condemnation is well deserved).

    "A lady shouldn't x" is a very common phrase and you'll find some guys on here say it every now and then. Women shouldn't swear, fart, drink, have premarital sex and so on.

    A number of said things shouldn't be done, because they're shitty things to do irrespective of gender. People need to stop perpetuating this purity bullshit and leave women alone.

    If a woman chooses to do something bad, she should be told not to do it because it's a shitty thing to do, not because she has a vagina.


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  • I don't think it's worse when a girl cheats. If you cheat you're an awful person regardless of gender. There's the whole male instinct to sow wild oats thing, if you care about the feelings of your SO, that's a piss poor excuse.

  • Trust me not all guys think it is worse when women cheat. Some women act like it is worse when men cheat and it is not but then again not all women think this either. Most men and women think cheating is cheating, it is equally as wrong regardless of which gender is cheating and neither males or females should have to accept it from the opisate gender. This is what I think to.

  • I've never cheated, but I have been cheated on. It's not worse when a woman cheats at all. Any guy that thinks that sounds like he has, or is likely to cheat on there partner in the future.

  • Who the hell told you that lol? But I think the reason for the person cheating determines whether or not its worse if a male or female does it.

    • I have heard it from a few guys. Their argument is girls are used to saying no to guys and therefore if a girl cheats it was premeditated because she thought about it before doing it. And then they said if a girl comes up to a guy they won't know how to react and just cheat without even thinking about it. Which for me is a shitty argument, because surely if their in a relationship, at one point while hooking up with a girl they should have thought about their girlfriend, if not, they don't really give a shit about their girl.

    • My personal opinion is that its worse if guys cheat. Because a guy has to put in effort to get laid, that means he disregards everything about his relationship continues to pursue it. So its the effort guys have to put into it that makes me think a guy doing it is worse. But that's just my view on it lol

  • sorry about that. it's the social construct the religions brought. like girls are consumables for the men. the feminists call that patriarchy.

  • I don't think it is more unethical for a woman to cheat, but it can have worse consequences for a man when the woman cheats. She can get pregnant from another guy, which would cheat her husband out of a kid he should have had, and she can trick him into raising another man's kid. We can't deny that far less harm is done to the woman's genetic immortality when the guy cheats. Ethically however, they are both equally scum.


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  • For those guys that comment isn't about the consequences of cheating. It's addressing the whole guys being stereo-typically more horny and unable to control their urges than girls, or the whole spreading their seed biology thing.
    It's hard to explain, but essentially it's not about the real life situation of cheating, it's just an argument for arguments sake. Some people choose to complicate it by bring other elements (such as the two i mentioned earlier) into the equation, while others can keep it straight to the actual point.
    It's an argument with no real purpose, because anyone who cheats is scum.
    Sorry, did that make sense?

  • Cheating hurts both women and men emotionally, but one thing women dont understand very well is the male ego. For many men death is preferrable to a bruised ego and when you cheat on a man his ego suffers deeply. He feels that he is not man enough for you. When a man cheats on a woman, she doesn't feel less of a woman to the extent that a man may start to question his manhood.

    For guys trust is an even greater issue.

  • Yeah another double standard that refuses to go away.
    I'm 19 and my guy is 30. He's the only guy I have ever had intercourse with.
    We don't live together but are pretty serious.

    Our agreement is we can date, or go out with others, if we want to.
    He never goes out with anybody else, I know that for sure.
    I do once in awhile.
    I feel at 19 I still want to look, and play around a bit before we settle down.

    So, I don't see what I do as cheating.

    • That's not cheating because of your agreement. Cheating would involve betraying someones trust under different circumstances. For example a monogamous relationship.

    • Yeah I get that.
      I was just trying to expand the relationship stuff a bit.
      My point is, sometimes we strangle the relationship.
      Some people are so controlling, they destroy what was once very nice and good.
      I want kids of my own. I want a permanent relationship, kindof.
      I'm not sure of how much of my independence I am willing to give up though.
      Also, this together forever thing might not work for me, just me.
      But as I look around, I don't think it works all that well for many others either,
      Just saying.