Why is it harder for less attractive people to find someone special to be with?

For about a year I have been single. Nothing wrong with it but because I am not that good looking I don't get complimented as much and most guys direspect me because I'm no one really special. Now I wouldn't mind I guess not being in third wheel but I have a harder time getting into a relationship because I'm not pretty. There's other factors like me not really into sex and how I hate oral as well. So I really don't stand a chance at love. Maybe I'm just not allowed. Why is it this way?


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  • You will hate my words, but have you considered joining a church? You see the rules are clear with God and that is, you were born perfect to deal with the life that is presented for you. I know you have heard of the law of attraction and you are pushing it and it is working with great speed and power for you. As long as you think you are ugly, you are ugly. As long as you think and feel no one will love you the law of attraction will make your dreams, fears, desires true. Stop thinking these thoughts because in the real they have little to do with you.

    Every girl is pretty you will look back in time and want to slap the crap out of ourself. You are the preverabial stuck on stupid mode. How you think is how you are. The moment you think you are beautiful, thoughtful, and dateable, your life will move tward the thought. Get with it.

    • My church is in florida.


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  • Everyone has relationship struggles regardless of their looks.

    Absolutely, if you are unattractive (I have no idea if you are or not) there will be a smaller pool of guys who would want to date you. If you act like you're nothing special, you are making the pool smaller yourself. If you hate sex and oral, you're making the pool smaller still.

    So, if your goal is a wider pool of guys who want to date you, you're going to have to make some changes.

    Think of it like a restaurant. If you opened a restaurant that only served pizza with anchovies, your pool of potential customers is only people who like anchovy pizza. If you open a pizza restaurant that has 50 toppings, plus wings and sandwiches, your pool of potential customers is much larger.

  • hey welcome to the part you're not the only one www.girlsaskguys.com/.../q1229586-how-do-you-respond-to-being-called-ugly

  • Oh boy, stop the presses, you've been single for a wwhooolle year.

    • I don't have any troll feed for you right now you are gonna have to come back later. Sorry for the inconvenience.

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