Boyfriend randomly sexts?

We'll be having a conversation through texting and he'll randomly send me something like "sexxyyyy" and it makes me think maybe they're not meant for me, like he's secretly texting someone else? I asked him if they were and he said "maybe". But I think he was joking.


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  • You need talk to him about it and tell him you want know who they are for unless you communicate with him you will never know and be left in the dark about things maybe you don't particular care for sexting if you don't like it or it makes you uncomfortable come out and tell him i keep telling you girls got be bold with these men..


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  • is the "sexy" comment (which isn't in and of itself a sext message) in context with conversation you are having or is it totally out of context

    • It's totally out of context

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    • Haha. Yes! That's why I'm asking this question! !!!

    • aside from that text thing do you have reason to believe he may be cheating. obviously you have questions about him and that's why you're asking. that's not what I'm asking you. I'm asking do you have other reasons to believe he may be unfaithful and what are they

  • Hmmm dont know the dude, so can't be like right on the money.
    From my experience I randomly send messages to my gf with similar meaning.
    I also randomly complement her so I don't know

  • the question that comes to mind is..

    do you trust him?

    it could be anything, even one of his stupid friends randomly using his phone or him being bored.
    just because the word 'sex' is in it doesn't mean it's actually sexting

    • Yes, I understand that, I was just using that one text as an example, it has happened plenty of other times wiry more explicit things, jeez.

  • you're thinking about it too much.


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