Dating for 3 years and some issues still unresolved after speaking and fighting and breaking up over these issues?

My boyfriend and I are in love and we love sharing how much we love each other everyday. Occasionally, maybe once a week, I'll continue showing love by a simple text saying, "I love you" and he will respond "great" or "cool". Just out of no where. I feel like I did something wrong, but I didn't do anything out of the ordinary. So I question him and try to stay calm, he always tells me I need to not over think things and quit digging a bigger hole. With no explanation. And the next few hours we fight, maybe break up and then by the next day we are fine. What is this nonsense? It's hard to put up with.


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  • That's really weird. There could be numerous reasons but he's the only one that knows the answer and you need him to cough it up before it destroys your relationship.

    My main 2 guesses are
    -Something in his life is bothering me. He's easily irritated. This one is probably the one that would happen to me if I were to talk to my gf that way.
    -Falling out of love, doesn't feel comfortable saying I love you anymore all the time when he doesn't mean it.


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