First date help please?

So im going on a movie date with my boyfriend and I've never been on a movie date with a guy before, by the way WERE BOTH 14. I've never been kissed before and im a little scared like, what do i do if he puts his arm around me, kissing tips please also since I've never been kissed before lol, so pointers please? thank you!


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  • If he knows you've not been kissed before, and he has more experience, let him know and if he decides to kiss you he will take it slow and let you learn naturally. It is really not as hard as we think it will be. And if he puts his arm around you, you can scoot in closer to him and get comfortable!

  • awwww just relax and be yourself sis! but know your limits and if he tries to take it too far you need to let him know! and as for kissing.. just go with it and let him make the moves you'll be fine :)