Why are some girls attached to assholes?

I mean the majorty of females have been through the so called bad ass guys and the players and the ones who come and go.. or are on and off with convos but why do females keep going back..


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  • Emotional attachment.


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  • Attraction is often based on a mix of appearance and personality and social position.

    But 'niceness' isn't really a factor.

    Most of us would rather date nice people, but we are attracted to people whether or not they are nice.

    That's the simple answer.

    The more nuanced one is that on top of the above, people who've seen abusive behavior growing up may interpret it as normal. If their father was a violent jerk, it may be imprinted on them that this is how 'men' behave, and they can't see a guy as manly unless he acts like that. It's not for certain, but it happens.

    • okay. but if they say the love and all that nonsense and then just total avoid you the next. But there's still that feeling of wanting the better of the situation but for some reason you feel as though its not going to work.

    • Its pretty common to hope that somehow things will get better all by themselves.

  • its probably just what they are attracted to at first until later on. im sure there's also environmental impact on why that attraction occurs.

  • Same reason some guys are attached to bitches. Life is more exciting with TEH DRAHMA.

    • is it really when emotions get thrown around. and people lose there sense of insecurities? Because that does happen, so what would you do. run to a next bitch. when its just going to be the same drama over and over again?

    • What song is it where she sings about being addicted to the drama?

      It's hard to explain but it really does make life more interesting, even if it's for negative reasons. A relationship where it all runs smoothly would possibly feel a little lifeless in comparison.

  • Before I read the description I thought you meant something else... Thanks for the laugh


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  • yeah its true ( unfortunately i've been through that too)